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The Taiwan Provincial Police Training Facilities, the predecessor of this college, was established on October 27, 1945. On April 1, 1948, it was reorganized and named "Taiwan Provincial Police Academy" taking charge of regular police education for junior officers.

After the Police Education Statute was amended and implemented on June 9, 1982, the Taiwan Provincial Police Academy added junior police college, the first students were enrolled at the same year.


On July 1, 1986, Taiwan Provincial Police Academy changed its name to Taiwan Police Academy, which was under National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior, and was in charge of education of basic police officers of Country.


On April 16, 1988, "The Organizational Statute of Taiwan Police College" was passed during the 81st session of the Legislative Yuan. The law was enacted by the order of the President on April 29, 1988. Then, on June 15, 1988, "Taiwan Police Academy" was formally promoted to "Taiwan Police College."

Our school is the nation’s only that handles primary police education. The school curriculum is divided into: the Police Officer Junior College Regular Class, which lasts for two academic years, and recruits high school graduates under 25 years old independently through the Police College.




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