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The educational goal of this school is geared towards police knowledge and skills, based on the principles of "integration of theory and practice" and "equal emphasis on knowledge and skills",
to cultivate grassroots law enforcers who are equipped with professional knowledge and capability, strong physique, humanistic cultivation, integrity and morality, organizational discipline.
The perspective lies in cultivating excellent police officers and building the distinguished brand.

In addition, Dr. Henry Lee laboratory is set up for Dr. Lee to teach, instruct and research during his visits, elevating our students’ professional skills to the international level.

The Anti-burglary Classroom is the first burglary oriented professional guidance classroom in Taiwan

The Crime Scene Classroom is divided into three sections. First, the Crime Scene Simulation Section displays the crime scene of the Su Chien-ho murder case, presenting simulations including: state of the victim’s body, blood track evidence and so on. Second, the Forensics Instrument Display Section demonstrates various professional crime scene forensic instruments in showcases. Third, the Teaching and Practice Section provides an area for teachers to lecture on sampling techniques as well as for students to practice these techniques.

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