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1.General Activities:

We use video, overhead projector, LCD projector etc., as training media to help the teaching process.

2.Practical Training Activities:

To combine theory with practice , we have arranged varied demonstrations, simulations and operations in professional courses or operational places and also assigned students to different police headquarters during summer or winter vacation.

3.Physical Education Activities:

We use martial arts training such as judo, swimming, and shooting training to strengthen students' physical conditions in order to fulfill all police duties.

4.Internship training

During winter and summer holidays, the college arranges for students to enter into internships with the Police Department, Fire Department, or Coast Guard. During the internship, students work one-on-one with an experienced officer who guides them through drills and exercises. Any student who fails the internship will be expelled.

5.Club fair

Students can attend the club fair at the beginning of the semester to join a club and participate in on- and off-campus contests and activities.

6.Community service

The school’s liberal education policy combines community service with the students’ learning goals. Students form community service teams and clean up the environment, read to school children, and visit disadvantaged groups to cultivate students’ compassion for others. This moral education lays a solid foundation for the students’ future in administrative services.

7.Casual Day

In addition, the college encourages students to show off their personalities through a variety of events, such as the bimonthly Casual Day, when students wear civilian clothing and show off their charm.

8.Lin Tong-Hsin Moral Education Research Center

The college established the Lin Tong-Hsin Moral Education Research Center, using this ordinary police officer with an extraordinary tale to inspire students to serve the people following the example of their predecessor.


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