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Junior College Classes: two-year course.
  • Department of Police Administration
  • Department of Criminal Investigation
  • Department of Fire Safety
  • Department of Traffic Management
  • Department of Maritime Patrol
  • Department of Technology Crime Investigation
In the future the college will continue our efforts, using a blend of theory and practice, emphasizing both the academic and the technical to strive towards our goals of shaping students into outstanding police officers and creating an excellent name for the school. We will nurture our students into police officers, firefighters, and coast guardsmen armed with professional knowledge, a strong moral character, and a strong body to serve our country and its citizens.
1. Police In-service Training Programs:
A short term in-service training program is designed to promote professional skills and increase working efficiency and effectiveness.
2. Advanced Class:
A short term advancement training program is designed for the senior officers with the purpose of improving their knowledge and ability to fit their new jobs after promotion.
3. Real life exercise:
  • Collecting fingerprint and footprint evidence
  • Gathering evidence at crime scenes
  • Handling traffic accidents
  • Disaster rescue
  • Disassembling and reassembling firearms
  • Firing practice
  • Judo classes
  • Comprehensive arrests
  • Combining police forces
  • Tactical security formations
  • Lifesaving
  • Lifesaving in rapid waters
  • Offshore rescue
  • Driver training
  • Internship training
  • Students’ achievements recognized
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